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Kathryn Kuhn is a classically trained actor and actor consultant who is currently based in the SouthEast. She worked as the Actor Consultant at one of the top industry-meets-talent companies in New York City and has spent years working with the top Casting Directors in the business. With a BFA in Acting from the Conservatory of Theatre Arts and Film at SUNY Purchase, Kathryn has Coached private clients in monologue and scene work as well as held talent accountable for the goals they wish to accomplish. If you are looking to up your game for a coming audition or be more accountable to your creative goals - Don't wait, reach out to Kat now!  

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Coaching/Consulting - $60/hr, $40/half hr

Self Taping, No Coaching - $60/hr, $40/half hr 

Self Taping + Coaching - $75/hr, $50/half hr

Reel Editing: $30 for the first 2 clips then $5 for each additional clip. 

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"Working with Kathryn was an eye opening experience. Her perspective challenges the obvious choices actors make and takes a deeper dive into the script in order to create a character that leaves a lasting impression. She understands the roadblocks actors face because she is one; her hybrid player/coach approach is what distinguishes her from the rest. Beyond coaching, she was able to help me revamp my resume and reel which has gotten me more auditions! 
Thank you Kat!"

- Michael Erik 
City On a Hill (SHOWTIME)


.                                                             .

"Kathryn is fantastic! She utilizes a myriad of different skills and talents that have been honed to help actors of all backgrounds! Highly recommend!"

- Benjamin Bass 
The Woodsman (Off Broadway),
A Crime to Remember (Discovery ID)



Kat's Classes:

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"Kathryn is the best teacher and full of energy that is passed through out the room. It is fun and entertaining. You learn so much while having a good time. Her classes is also a stress reliever. Just to break away from real world drama. This is a must take class with Kat."

- Denise Fleming

5 Star Facebook Review 

for Kat The Acting Coach 

"Shout out to Kat Kuhn, the Improv Coach! She has such a passion for what she does! Every bit of constructive criticism or enthusiastic praise she gives is a sincere cultivation."
- Tiffany H

5 Star Google Review

"She is very knowledgeable, professional
and fun! She provided a great learning environment and introduction for those considering the acting profession. Highly recommend!"
- Carrie Campbell

5 Star Facebook Review 
for Kat The Acting Coach 


"Kat is a fantastic teacher - very encouraging & super knowledgeable... Over all this was a top notch experience. Looking forward to taking more classes."
- Bryan Raulerson

5 Star Google Review

"She is a great teacher with so much energy. You are on your feet having a great time the whole time.She is full of smiles and ideas. come join the excitement and see it for yourself... It's a must take class. She is so much fun and you can tell she loves what she does. She gives great feedback and pushes us to always perform your best. There is never a dull moment."
- Leele Varnedoe

5 Star Google Review

"I've had such a wonderful experience with Kat. She's very knowledgeable in her feild, creative, professional, easygoing and really cares about her students. Kat's truly amazing!"
- Alanna

5 Star Google Review

"Not only is Kat an amazing improviser, she is kind, encouraging instructor, who sincerely wants people to have fun, learn, and be part of a great little community. No matter what my mood may be before a class, I always feel better afterward. "
- Ron Casertano

5 Star Google Review

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